Degrassi Healthy House


The property is at municipal address 209, 211 & 213 deGrassi St. the current zoning is R (d1.0), allowed height is 12 m. It comprises three properties, 209 deGrassi being 15.24 m wide and 70.21 m deep, 211 deGrassi being 4.80 m wide and 25.82 m deep and 213 deGrassi being “L” shaped 8.38 m wide at the front, 13.11 m at the back and 60.81 m deep. Together they form an L shape assembly, 28.42 m wide, 70.12 m deep on the south edge and 60.81 m deep on the north edge. Total area is 1865.85 m2. The block south of the property is a mix of detached, semi detached, and town home of varying styles. Many of the properties on the street or on West Ave had similar deep lots that have since been redeveloped into townhouse complexes. There are only 3 homes on the site, significantly less density than the surrounding neighborhood. The homes are unremarkable and reaching the end of their useful life. The owners have decided it is time to redevelop the property.


We believe there is significant need for ground related housing that suits families. The competition for houses in the neighbourhood is intense. This site is very desirable for families.

Proposed Form

We propose a townhouse development, in two buildings, one on deGrassi and the other in the interior, with shared underground parking for cars and bikes.

The building facing deGrassi follows the mass of the new semi-detached neighbours to the north. It would comprise 8, 4 story back to back townhomes. This structure would step back incrementally to allow larger front yards. We propose to leave generous pedestrian and visual access at the south end to the interior of the property and the entrance to the interior building. We propose the pedestrian access to open up to a small courtyard equipped with some bike parking, seating and the communal mail system, just beyond the courtyard is the common entrance to the interior building and main stair to the underground.

Front view

The interior building would start its mass from the existing townhouse project to the south. This structure will step to the west to increase yard space on the north west quadrant and to preserve views from the neighbour church windows. The north extent of the building will stop short of the lot line, opening the church playground up from the current condition as there is a 2 story garage at the lot line. This block will be 18 stacked and back to back townhomes in a hybrid arrangement with a shared entrance and access to the underground.

Courtyard View

The preliminary plan allows for generous unit sizes with efficient layouts, 17 units will have grade access and a private yard. The remaining 9 will have large terraces. No elevators are contemplated. We have begun negotiating an easement with the Church to the north so that we can establish pedestrian access from the rear of the site to First Avenue to the north and West Avenue to the east. We propose an area (9.21 X 15.24) at the rear to be shared, unprogrammed outdoor amenity space – a “wild yard”. We are proposing the project to be Passive House, net zero, with on site solar, green roof, with low embodied carbon – high sequestered carbon construction and other features to be determined.

Over View

Rear Overview