Our Mission

Welcome to Temperate Systems Incorporated.

Our mission is to help people transition to sustainable energy.  We believe sustainable buildings and homes can be more comfortable and rewarding.

The world in general, and Canada  in particular are moving away from fuel burning heating appliances and towards heat pumps.  Hydronic radiant heating is becoming more popular for new homes and renovations, due to customer benefits and efficient installation methods. Most homes that have radiant hydronic heating systems use a boiler and have a separate system for cooling using forced air.  Air to Water heat pumps are considerably more efficient than Air to Air heat pumps as sold in North America  Air to Water heat pumps are popular in Europe and Asia selling millions of units a year, but are virtually unheard of in North America in residences, they are making headway in commercial/institutional settings, particularly high end and eco projects.

The technology is proven and our mission is to help people realize the benifits.